How Liberals Can Win (VENT POST)

Do you want to fucking save America from Trump and the goddamn assholes supporting him and calling everyone else cucks? Here’s how to do it:

Forget morals. Have no ethics whatsoever. Tell whooping lies every day. Threaten to jail your political opponents.

Use hatred. Blame conservatives for all the world’s problems. Threaten to deport all the Russians. Say Christians are dangerous.

Yell a lot. Just scream at the top of your lungs. Make large hand gestures. USE ALL CAPS AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.

Use fear. Say that liberal values are being threatened.  Say that the Republicans will destroy everything we love about America. Claim there’s a war against liberalism going on when you know for a goddamn fact there isn’t.

Appeal to humanity’s base instincts. Tell people they must lock their doors, lest the conservative come and kill them. Say white people cause all the crime. Say that all conservative men are rapists.

Basically, do everything you can to emulate your opponent. Be scared, be angry. Throw everything you believe away, because America isn’t about morals anymore. America–and humanity as a whole–is about fear, hatred and dirty tricks. The right does it, the left does it and centrists do it too. Everybody hates each other and the best way to get power is to use that hate. Decent people have no chance anymore. You gotta be the lord of the fucking flies if you wanna change anything.

TL;DR: Fuck America. Fuck humans. Fuck the whole goddamn world. Nothing is ever going to change because human kindness is dead and gone. Sometimes I wonder why God doesn’t just turn out the lights already.


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